Behind every
woven kilim,
there is a history of

Art and Love

Weaving kilim
is the only thing
that I do from the
bottom of my heart


evokes a colorful world
full of love and art
at every home

About me

I, Mozhdeh Piroozmehr, am a professional carpet designer and weaver with over a decade of experience. Interested in art, especially carpet weaving and designing, I learned it from the native people who have excellent practical skills both in primary education and in techniques. In addition to studying English at Islamic Azad University that helped me better understand western cultures, I studied carpet design and weaving academically by registering in a vocational school. I also have gained more experience by participating in different training workshops and various courses and other fascinating carpet exhibitions. Along with being an honorary member of Mashhad Guild Union for Hand-Woven Carpet and Consumables, and Iran Carpet Center for remarkable years, I was blessed to be invited by Emily Carr Persian Club in order to hold a rug weaving workshop in June 2019 in Vancouver. Inspired by the culture of my own and that of other countries; I decided to create new designs to keep the uniqueness of each culture. I have chosen a new approach in designing both traditional and modern carpets in addition to using pure and colorful designs. My job is to design carpets according to the clients’ tastes in order to make a more relaxing and elegant place by considering Eastern and Western cultures in classic and contemporary designs or a mixture of the two. It is my honor to introduce this valuable and ancient art to other countries in general.